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Linda Stroman

Linda Stroman

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Linda Stroman is a financial specialist for Capital Area Asset Builders (CAAB). Linda joined CAAB’s staff in October of 2007.  She provides education, training and one-on-one financial coaching to groups, and individuals on money behavior and credit education. In addition, she coordinates program seminars and other events regarding CAAB's financial programs in the community. 

Financial behavior and execution is the core concept Linda helps her audience understand. She uses real-life events and personal situations. Linda creates a financial journey demonstrating how your past and current financial behaviors and experiences can positively or negatively affect your future lifestyle. She will help you become proactive vs. reactive with your finances.

Linda’s financial knowledge covers basic finances – budget, credit and savings in addition to teaching advance subjects such as retirement, college planning and estate planning. Linda’s audiences consist of corporate employees, front-line staff for non-profits, wellness professionals, couples, returning citizens, government employees, youth, domestic violence survivors and the list goes on! She utilizes an approach that caters to all audiences. Linda conducts financial train-the-trainer series for staff of various organizations to enhance their skills to provide financial education to their target populations.

Before joining CAAB, Linda worked for The Training Source, Inc. She provided life, professional, financial, and technical training to underserved Maryland and DC residents and organizations.

In addition, Linda has worked for major organizations such as WJLA-TV, IBM, Izod Lacoste, Job Corps and CBS New York in the area of Human Resources.

Linda holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Business Administration / Management with minors in Sociology and Black Studies. She also is a Certified Financial Social Work Educator / Coach and has certificates in basic and advance financial coaching.  Linda is a native New Yorker who resides in Maryland.