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Dealing With Difficult People

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Difficult employees aren’t always bad employees, in fact sometimes they can be your star performers, which is why it is even more frustrating how disruptive their presence can be. Typically, they don’t even realize the highly negative affects their conduct is causing to others and the company. Difficult employees lower productivity from team members, are the source of employee complaints and can cause a significant drop in morale. Left unchecked, long term difficult employees can take every bit of joy out of an entire workplace and will likely cause you to lose other top performers.

Difficult employees, especially top performers, can be quite charming when circumstances require. Employers often don’t want to lose them, they just want them to stop being so tough to work with.

This webinar will cover how an employer can move a difficult employee from a morale killer to a team player.

This webinar covers the following topics:

  • Recognize the warning signs of a difficult employee (see table below for types)
  • Gain key communication techniques to get the employee to recognize the importance of changing their ways
  • Learn how to create an effective action plan for the employee with their buy in
  • Following through to make sure improvements stay in place
  • Develop the ability to understand when an employee can't be turned into a team player

Types Of Difficult Employees:

  • Compliance Threat – Because Policies Are Meant To Be Broken, Especially HR Policies.
  • Micromanaging – The Manager Proud To Send Employees Running To The EAP.
  • Yeller and Screamer – All Their Messages Received As Threats. Why Is Everyone Avoiding Me?
  • What Can You Do For Me, Me, Me – Because Of Course, It’s All About Me. Who Are You Again?
  • Full of Themselves – Thinks They’re an Eagle. More Of A Turkey.
  • Favoritism – Stick With Me Kid and You’ll Really Go Places. Just None You’ll Want To Go…
  • Hygiene Challenged - How to Handle the Problem Professionally, Kindly, Delicately and Effectively.
  • Bad with Change and Proud of it - Akin to Dragging Great Rocks up hill While Working With a Mule.
  • Fearful – Perceives Other Talented Employees as Threats Who Must Be Removed. Even If They Work For Them.
  • Talented – Truly Is Talented. Just Not Talented With People.

Guest Speaker

Teri Morning

Teri Morning

Teri Morning, MBA, MS, SPHR, SPHR-CA is the President of her own HR Consulting firm and Principal Partner in a new company HindsightHR 2013 Employee Relations and Investigation Management software. She has over 15 years human resource and training experience in a variety of professional fields, including finance, retail, distribution, architectural, engineering, consulting, manufacturing (union), public sector and both profit and non-profit company structures. She has consulted with employers on... View Full Profile