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Harnessing the Power of Video In Today's Competitive Marketing Environment

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Session Content ~ The Promise

Video marketing has changed how brands tell their stories, companies sell their products and services and marketers create content for on and offline campaigns. In this webinar you’ll get the lay of the land in today’s videoscape and what you should and should not do when you decide to create a video marketing campaign.

Session Content ~ The Guarantee

1. You will be inspired to approach every video project assignment with a better perspective on how to make your marketing dollars work harder and make your videos relevant, unique and actionable.2. You will gain valuable insight about what works and what doesn’t in the world of video and how knowing the difference can make or break your next video campaign.3. You will walk away equipped with critical information, insight from real-world video campaigns and a valuable list of ideas you can put to work immediately to create, deliver and sustain effective video marketing strategies and campaigns.

Session Content ~ The Outline

The format will include a combination of facts, figures, ideas, examples and fun ways to make video an important, profitable part of your business marketing efforts.I. The Lay Of Today’s Video Landscape

We start with what the current state of video marketing is with facts, figures and some startling numbers that create the foundation for why video is such a critical component of marketing. And why if you’re not already doing it you can quickly fall behind competitors who are.

II. What Works & What Doesn’t: The Dos & Don’ts Of Video Marketing

 You will learn how to separate the wheat from the chaff in video marketing including a look at some of the best, funniest and most effective examples of video marketing in action.

III. Using Video For Social Media & Mobile Marketing

All media are not created equally. You’ll learn what makes sense for mobile marketing, social media, SEO and other online uses of video.

IV. 10 Ideas For Crafting A Winning Video Campaign

You’ll walk away with 10 powerful, simple proven ideas to help create a successful video campaign.

V. Where Video Is Going From Here: A Peek At The Future Of Video Marketing

What does the future hold for video? We’ll take a look at emerging trends and technologies that will define how we use video into the next decade.

Guest Speaker

Steve Penn

Steve Penn

A passionate, international award-winning marketer for more than 27 years, Steve has served in executive creative positions at five agencies, including his own for 11 years. Today, Steve runs an independent consultancy, PENN, as a creative director, writer and producer. When it comes to any discussion about marketing, Steve is fond of giving the pot a good stir. A well-traveled copywriter and veteran creative director, he has often been viewed in marketing circles as a maverick, a creative whiz ... View Full Profile