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Steve Penn

Steve Penn

Business Administration, Marketing Linkedin

A passionate, international award-winning marketer for more than 27 years, Steve has served in executive creative positions at five agencies, including his own for 11 years. Today, Steve runs an independent consultancy, PENN, as a creative director, writer and producer.

When it comes to any discussion about marketing, Steve is fond of giving the pot a good stir. A well-traveled copywriter and veteran creative director, he has often been viewed in marketing circles as a maverick, a creative whiz and even a bit of a heretic. While he has a strong regard for the “rules” of communication, he’s even more eager to challenge authority when common sense says those rules shouldn’t apply.

“That’s when the real magic is allowed to happen,” says Steve. “We terribly underestimate the consumer and that mistake is responsible for most of the rubbish out there in the marketplace today. If everything we did was rooted in making genuine connections between buyers and sellers with respect for their intelligence and ability to choose, we’d see a lot better advertising.”

At PENN, Steve is the voice and vision for a philosophy coupling brand oriented strategy with response-driven execution. At the heart of it all is a keen, savvy understanding of the customer. Steve’s driving passion for this vision ensures his presentations are always a refreshing, compelling and contagious combination of respect and irreverence.