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Form 1099 Voids and Corrections

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February is your last chance to correct Forms 1099 before sending off to the IRS. With Form 1099 errors on the rise, you can’t afford to miss a correction. Form 1099 reporting mistakes cost your company money and waste time, which also costs money.  How can you make corrections to your Form 1099 and avoid costly fines from the IRS? Join us for this highly-informative, 100 minute program to discover: 


•    Form 1099 changes vs. corrections: What you need to know
•    Keys to avoiding mistakes 
•    Strategies to remain IRS compliant when soliciting SSNs & TINs
•    Your compliance checklist: corrections do’s and don’ts
•    Discover How to avoid hefty fines that plague accounts payable departments 
•    Learn How to ensure that you promptly receive vendor info
•    Paper vs. electronic filling: Guidelines for correction 
•    Get the latest Form 1099 updates: Keys for compliance
•    Discover how to spot and fix troublesome IRS Form 1099 errors
•    Learn tips on what to do if a payee refuses or forgets to provide a TIN
•    Live Q&A Session - Have your Form 1099 corrections questions answered! 

Guest Speaker

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante is the principal and founder of TIR Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally recognized leader in tax reporting education and consulting on specialized compliance issues. He has conducted on-site consultation for corporate clients from across the world and led countless seminars and webinars for Convey Compliance Systems, IAPP, Balance Consulting, The Accounts Payable Network, Accounts Payable Now and Tomorrow, Progressive Business Conferences, The Center For Competitive Management,... View Full Profile