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Workplace Violence: Plans, Policies and Procedures

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Joe Rosner
  • Topic:   Human Resources
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Workplace Violence is more than just headlines… it hurts your people and your bottom line, with lost time, turnover, lawsuits and enforcement actions. For Supervisors and Managers the Number One cause of death and serious injury is Workplace Violence. An average related lawsuit award is $3MM. The average settlement is $600K. Can you afford not to know the risks and remedies?

Why should you attend - Workplace violence continues to emerge as an important issue in business and HR is often asked to take the lead in prevention and mitigation efforts. Violence in the workplace can originate from many sources, opportunistic criminals, customers, vendors, current and former employees and domestic violence spilling over into the work place.

It is true, OSHA does not have a specific requirement mandating employers to protect their employees from on the job violence. It is also true that after a violent incident OSHA will levy fines and enforcement actions using the “General Obligation Clause” that states workers must be protected against “foreseeable hazards”.

OSHA, and state regulators have begun to push for "universal precautions for violence". That is, that violence should be expected but can be avoided or mitigated through personal safety training. Frequent training also can reduce the likelihood of being assaulted.

Many organizations should, and generally do, employ a variety of safeguards and work diligently to maintain a safe place for employees, customers and visitors. Yet despite these effort workplace violence can never be completely prevented and businesses remain at risk for violence.

Incidents involving gunfire (So called “Active Shooter” events.) are the most spectacular and therefore draw most media attention. However, as this type of event is extremely rare in almost all communities, businesses generally and management in particular may become complacent and adopt the belief that “Since it hasn’t happened here, it can’t happen here”. This represents flawed logic, which is known as. “The Rule of Self-Exclusion.” In many cases this rule remains enforce until or unless a fortunate close call or an unfortunate tragedy demonstrates the need for plans, policies and procedure to be implemented to prevent workplace violence and mitigate harm it when it occurs.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • The scope and impact of workplace violence in business settings. How common is it? What is the financial cost? How does it impair the ability of a business organization to provide conduct commerce and attract as well as retain employees.
  • The four types of workplace violence and their associated risk factors.
  • Workplace violence prevention program elements including-
  • Management Commitment and Employee Involvement: Without active participation from “C” level on down the effectiveness of workplace violence policies will be greatly reduced.
  • Worksite Analysis
  • Training and Education
  • Early recognition of escalating behavior or warning signs.
  • Ways to prevent volatile situations and de-escalate individuals.
  • Protecting oneself and others in violent situations.

Guest Speaker

  • Joe Rosner

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