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Accounts Payable Best Practices

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The truth is that companies ignore accounts payable best practices at their peril and the impact is felt on your bottom line. It's that simple—yet some organizations continue to turn a blind eye to the leakage that occurs due to poor or inefficient process in their AP operations. Don't be one of them! 

The accounts payable function is changing at a dizzying pace.. Unfortunately, keeping up to speed these days can be like herding cats. While some best practices remain steadfast, others simply no longer work and are being replaced by new practices just now appearing.

The talk will include a discussion of the newest best practice every organization should implement to ensure crooks don't get their hands-on money or sensitive information. 

Learning Objectives:

Improve your invoice processing;

Implement effective payment technologies;

Comply with regulatory issues affecting the payment process;

Avoid costly mistakes due to spoofed emails

Create effective expense reporting policies;

Avoid costly master vendor file practices; and

Deter fraud (both internal and external)

  1. Introduction

  2. About Mary Schaeffer 00:00:22

  3. Agenda 00:01:14

  4. Business Landscape 00:02:21

  5. Why Are Best Practices Changing So Much? 00:02:24

  6. Moore’s Law: Why Technology Continues to Be an Issue 00:03:49

  7. When Best Practices are Ignored 00:04:43

  8. Invoice Handling 00:06:18

  9. Invoice Handling” Problems 00:06:25

  10. NACHA/AP Now Preliminary Survey 00:08:40

  11. Invoice Handling: Process Solutions 00:09:41

  12. Duplicate Invoice Identification Best Practices 00:11:29

  13. Invoice Handling: Best Practice 00:13:11

  14. Reality Check 00:13:45

  15. Invoice Processing: Staff 00:14:17

  16. Tracking Discrepant Invoices 00:15:33

  17. State of Invoices Handling Process 00:16:44

  18. Invoice Handling: Technology Solutions 00:17:31

  19. Payment Processes 00:18:18

  20. Move Away From Paper: Part 1 00:18:29

  21. Move Away From Paper: Part 2 0019:04

  22. Lots of Change 00:19:46

  23. Check Processing Problems 00:21:42

  24. Check Processing Best Practices 00:23:25

  25. Check Processing Best Practices Cont’d 00:24:35

  26. Check Stock: Locked and Taken to Mailroom 00:25:43

  27. What about Voided Checks? 00:27:09

  28. Electronic Payment Best Practices 0028:23

  29. Controls when Using ACH Debits 00:29:33

  30. Electronic Payments 00:30:06

  31. Online Banking Best Practice 00:31:57

  32. Moving Wires to ACH 00:33:15

  33. New Best Practices 00:34:11

  34. Vendors and Vendor File Issues 00:34:32

  35. Master Vendor File: Problems 00:34:36

  36. Master Vendor File: Solutions 00:35:44

  37. Vendor Set-Up Best Practices 00:37:44

  38. Reality Check 00:38:41

  39. More Preliminary Data: AP/NACHA 00:39:19

  40. New Best Practices 00:42:18

  41. Regulatory Issues 00:43:00

  42. Cliff Notes: Speed Dating Version 00:43:02

  43. Information Reporting Best Practices 00:43:37

  44. Unclaimed Property Best Practices 00:45:14

  45. Sales and Use Tax 00:46:12

  46. Other Issues: Don’t Ignore 00:47:29

  47. Regulatory Best Practices 00:48:36

  48. New Best Practices 00:49:19

  49. Fraud Prevention 00:50:42

  50. Why Fraud Prevention Matters 00:50:46

  51.  Fraud Prevention Best Practices 00:51:19

  52. Check Fraud Prevention and Detection Best Practices 00:51:50

  53. ACH Fraud Prevention Best Practices 00:52:43

  54. Wire Transfer Fraud Prevention Best Practices 00:53:57

  55. P-Card Fraud Prevention Best Practices 00:55:39

  56. New Best Practices 00:56:1

  57. Staffing 00:56:34, 00:56:37

  58. Internal Fraud Prevention 00:57:06

  59. Don’t Forget 00:57:41

  60. New Best Practices 00:58:43

  61. Concluding Thoughts 00:59:03

  62. Best Practice Philosophy 00:59:07

  63. Thank You/Questions/Comments 00:59:40

  64. Presentation Closing 01:00:01

  • Accounts Payable 00:02:49
  • ACH Credit 00:19:59
  • ACH Debit 00:20:07, 00:29:33
  • B-Notice 00:36:53, 00:38:37
  • Discrepant Invoice  00:15:33
  • Form 1099-NEC 00:44:12, 00:49:34
  • Invoice 00:06:21
  • NACHA 00::08:40
  • TIN Match Program 00:36:57, 00:44:03
  • Unclaimed Property 00:45:26
  • Vendor 00:34:34
  • Form W-9 00:36:39, 00:43:42
  • Wire Transfer 00:33:19
  • OFAC 00:47:44
  • FCPA 00:48:07
  • P-Card 00:55:39

FCPA - Foreign Corrupt Practices Act: The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of 1977 is a United States federal law that prohibits U.S. citizens and entities from bribing foreign government officials to benefit their business interests.

Guest Speaker

Mary Schaeffer

Mary Schaeffer

Mary S. Schaeffer is the founder of AP Now, a B2B organization focused on creating business intelligence around the accounts payable and payment functions. She has written 18 business books and is a frequent and popular speaker at both online and live events. Schaeffer has created a number of CPE self-study courses, customized training and online training events. She is the developer of the Accounts Payable Best Practice Certificate program. Previously she held positions as an Assistant Treasure... View Full Profile

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