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Accounts Payable Fraud Protection During and Post COVID-19

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Mary Schaeffer
  • Topic:   Taxation and Accounting, Human Resources
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Criminals thrive in times of uncertainty and confusion. Alas, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis has provided them potentially with a ton of opportunity. But that opportunity doesn’t have to translate into profit, if you are taking the proper precautions. We’ll look at how this unprecedented crisis has forced businesses everywhere to adjust their accounts payable best practices to ensure invoices are paid – but only once and only legitimate invoices.

In this session, we’ll take a look at the steps every accounts payable organization should take to help protect their organizations from these unscrupulous practitioners. We also have a few tips for everyone when they return to “normal” to ensure a smoother accounts payable operation. 

Learning Objectives:

Create a process to identify frauds that might have slipped through while folks were working remotely

Identify shady new invoicing practices being advocated by a few consultants

Detect one new email scam that is rising

Create a policy to address remote-working expenses, not currently addressed in your reimbursement policy

Address concerns regarding passwords

Guest Speaker

  • Mary Schaeffer