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Speedwriting: An Introduction to the BakerWrite System

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Do you struggle to take minutes of meetings or take telephone messages? Do you quickly scribble notes and then find yourself unable to read them back? This is probably because you have no structure to your notetaking. In this BakerWrite speedwriting webinar you will learn a simple system which will solve these problems, reduce your stress and improve your efficiency. After this session you will already know how the system works and you will have a plan to continue your development.

Your Benefits of Attending: 

  • Learn about silent letters, vowels and phonetics and why that is important
  • Understand common prefixes and suffixes
  • Gain proven techniques for taking notes
  • Walk away with the next steps for creating an effective action plan

Join award winning speaker Heather Baker as she takes you step-by-step through the speedwriting system that she personally developed.  There is no better way to learn than directly from the individual who created the system!  Grab your pen and notepad and be prepared to be taking better notes by the end of the session than you were at the beginning.

Guest Speaker

Heather Baker

Heather Baker

After over 20 years as a secretary and then PA herself, Heather established Baker Thompson Associates in 2000 to inspire Office Professionals to excel in their roles for their success and the success of their organisations. This award winning trainer now travels the world working with small and large companies, public and private. She is the author of four Amazon top ten selling books and the creator of the BakerWrite speedwriting system, which is also offered in all Pitman Training franchi... View Full Profile