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What to do When You Can’t Pay the IRS

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Owing a tax debt to the IRS is among the most angst-ridden problems you can encounter. Much of the apprehension stems from the unknown processes and procedures that a delinquent taxpayer may face. This course will pull back the curtain to show you what to expect from the IRS, what they can and cannot do, and the options available to every taxpayer for resolving their tax debts. 

Learning Objectives:

The structure and conduct of IRS collection activity

Dealing with IRS Collections personnel

Understanding your rights as a taxpayer

The pros and cons of various tax resolution options

Dealing with penalties and interest

Guest Speaker

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek is a practicing attorney and founder of  the Borek Group, LLC. Chuck is also a CPA, and his background includes  five years as a partner in a public accounting firm. He received his law degree and MBA summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore in 1993, where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Review. He has been teaching professionally since 1989, including four years as an Associate Professor of Accounting and two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. He ha... View Full Profile