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Cash, Credit & Collections Management

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  • Webinar Length: 100 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   David Osburn
  • Topic:   Business Administration, Finance, Taxation and Accounting
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In today’s economy, the combination of “cash, credit, and collections” is “king!” 

This pro-active webinar will explore the role of cash, credit, and collections within a business and highlight the importance of credit analysis, financial statement analysis, cash management, collection techniques, and management of the collection process in our challenging financial world.

“Basic” and “advanced” credit analysis will be reviewed including the five “Cs” of credit. Additionally, the “four” basic financial statements will be displayed followed by a comprehensive “five-step” financial statement analysis model (covering liquidity, activity, leverage, operating performance, and cash flow). Emphasis will be placed on the importance of cash flow--the "life-blood" of all businesses.

Furthermore, the training session will include a combination of “simple” and “sophisticated” cash management tools and effective collection techniques (including the “legal” aspects of collections and “negotiation skills” for collecting cash over the phone or in-person). Additionally, the concept of “managing” the collection process including “the human factor” will be explored. 

Learning Objectives:

Explore credit analysis including the five “C’s” of credit

Display the “four” basic financial statements

Learn a “five-step” financial statement analysis model including cash flow analysis

Review basic and advanced “cash management” tools

Explore effective “collection” techniques including the “legal” aspects of collections and “negotiation skills” for collecting cash

Review the “management” of the collection process

CE Credit Hours Recommended: 2.0 

Guest Speaker

  • David L. Osburn, MBA