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Choice of Entity in the New Tax Environment

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The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has greatly impacted entity choice for business organizations. State business organization law is also an important component in choosing the optimal entity in a given situation. Too often practitioners and business owners focus on only part of the tax and legal landscape and make entity choices based on a partial understanding of the dynamics involved. This course will help you develop a more comprehensive approach to planning for business organizations.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand corporate vs. partnership models
  • A Guide to sorting out the “Ls” (LLCs, LLPs, LPs, etc.)
  • Learn about important tax opportunities and restrictions
  • Gain an understanding of the tax aspects of bringing on new owners
  • Learn to develop choice of entity decision framework

Join Chuck Borek as he simplifies the complex and provides you with the critical information you will need when making choice of entity decisions.

Guest Speaker

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek is a practicing attorney and founder of  the Borek Group, LLC. Chuck is also a CPA, and his background includes  five years as a partner in a public accounting firm. He received his law degree and MBA summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore in 1993, where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Review. He has been teaching professionally since 1989, including four years as an Associate Professor of Accounting and two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. He ha... View Full Profile