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Why Every Supervisor Needs to Understand Conflict Resolution

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Conflict is inevitable in the workplace yet necessary. This is called healthy conflict. Unhealthy conflict however is damaging and is a cause for concern. As a supervisor you must understand that the reasons for conflict are far ranging - from personality styles to unintentional favoritism as well as team members abilities to handle change. 

Areas Covered During Training

  • The supervisor’s role as a mediator not just a person of authority
  • A focus on the facts involved while being cognizant of employee’s emotions
  • Uncovering and concentrating on the problem itself, not just the people involved
  • The 5 Methods of resolving Conflict: 
  • Competing, Collaborating, Compromising, Avoiding and Accommodating
  • Understand how follow up, feedback and reinforcement is mandatory

Why Should You Attend

Gone are the days where a supervisor can say “Because I said so” and everyone falls in line. It is important to address conflict because unresolved conflict leads to low morale, increased turnover, loss of productivity and, in extreme cases, workplace violence. 

Guest Speaker

Wendy Sellers

Wendy Sellers

Wendy Sellers, MHR, MHA, SHRM-SCP, SPHR has 25 years’ experience in HR, change management, operations, strategy, corporate culture and leadership development in all size business (local startup to global enterprise) in a wide variety of industries including healthcare, professional services, higher education, federal contractors, manufacturing, construction, engineering, public safety, non-profit and government agencies (to name a few).When Wendy says “Suck It Up, Buttercup”, this means you are ... View Full Profile

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