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Data Privacy and GDPR

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Many a U.S. employer has to comply with the strict requirements of the year-old European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  The GDPR’s security and privacy provisions apply to every U.S. company that collects or uses “personal data” of EU citizens and residents (“data subjects”).   “Data subjects” include not only customers/users but also current and former employees.

EU “personal data” is defined much more broadly than under U.S. privacy law to include “any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person.”  The scope can even include work email addresses and communications tied to a unique individual.  The penalty for a company’s violation of GDPR can be as high as the greater of: 4% of a business’ worldwide gross revenue; or 20 Million Euros (approximately $24 Million).

This webinar will provide practical tips for an employer to do its best to comply with some of the GDPR’s key dictates.  Topics covered will include: 

  • preparing data inventories;
  • vetting/updating contracts with third parties with whom the employer stores or shares employee data; and
  • implementing procedures to handle current and former employees’ requests for access to, and deletion of, their personal data.         

The session will also touch on some comparisons to the ever-growing set of U.S. states’ data privacy/protection legislation and regulations.

Guest Speaker

Robert Brownstone, Esq

Robert Brownstone, Esq

Bob Brownstone, an attorney, technologist and thought leader, just wrapped up a long-term run as the Technology & eDiscovery Counsel and Electronic-Information-Management (EIM) Group Chair at Fenwick & West LLP, headquartered in Silicon-Valley.  In May, he will launch his own law firm, tech consulting company and law/technology education provider.  Bob will continue to advise and train clients on all things “e”, including eDiscovery, information-security, data-privacy, retentio... View Full Profile

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