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Bulletproof Techniques for Addressing Disciplinary Issues

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  • Webinar Length: 90 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Joshua Viau
  • Topic:   Human Resources
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 Do you sometimes find yourself dealing with bickering employees who also may play silly games that result in unnecessary conflict in the workplace? Workplace conflict is a serious problem and can lead to low productivity as well as expensive and time-consuming complaints or lawsuits.

So often we find that a lawsuit or formal employee complaint could have been easily avoided by early and effective resolution of employee concerns. Every manager and human resources professional faces daily challenges in this area, whether it is inappropriate conduct or language, workplace rumors or other performance-related issues.

Instead of putting off or avoiding altogether having those difficult conversations with "problem" employees, join Aurora Training to hear about ways to identify and resolve conflict. Learn how to avoid the traps employees try to set, particularly when they are coached or encouraged by others. We will discuss how to deal with such issues head-on, directly confronting the issues in a way that is both legal and effective. We will also talk about how to create a tone designed to encourage employees to recognize problems, tell the truth and get to a resolution.  In this webinar you will learn practical solutions to common problems including:

  • How to deliver bad news without creating unintended repercussions
  • What to say – and what to avoid – when disciplining employees
  • Techniques for maintaining and enhancing workplace respect
  • How to use civility in the office to enhance productivity, raise employee morale, and keep you out of the courtroom

Guest Speaker

  • Joshua H. Viau