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Financial Planning During Divorce: Help Your Clients Get Back to the Future

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The most important thing you can do as an adviser is understand what your clients are facing financially and otherwise when they divorce.  There is a phenomenon called “divorce fog”, which is very real in terms of your normally competent clients being able to navigate the transition where everything they know changes and the impact on their finances and family can be profound.  The biggest benefit to learning how to help clients manage this is truly adding value to their lives just when they need it most.  Learn how you should structure finances during the divorce, then as the money starts moving (post-divorce transfer period) and finally as they land in their new financial life and create a life they love.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn how to build the base case, then show scenarios of potential outcomes
  • Money in motion – how to help your clients get from here to there financially
  • Understand what their financial future looks like – building a new life with all its possibilities
  • Gain proven strategies for taking a negative transition and creating a positive outcome – real value to real families and we can put a dollar amount on that
  • Learn how to organize your own and your client’s thinking around their finances during divorce

Join Bonnie Ashby Sewell as she shares knowledge gained through decades of experience.

Guest Speaker

Bonnie Sewell

Bonnie Sewell

Bonnie was raised in a single family home in the wealthy hamlet of Clarendon Hills, IL, 15 miles west of Chicago. A small town of 7500, it was common in the 1960's to refer to such homes as 'broken'. While the family was often broke, her loving home was never broken. She endeavored to understand money: how it works, how it can work for you, and most importantly, how to use it for good, whether for your personal family goals or something even larger.Bonnie has been working in financial services s... View Full Profile