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Dress and Appearance Policy: Preparing Your Workplace for Gen Z and Millennnials

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From the length of one’s hair, to the number and location of visible tattoos, to recognizing gender non-conformity style, to creating a summer dress code, employers are facing an increased need to determine their organization’s culture and policies, as well as following federal and state laws.  How does an organization balance employees’ rights to express themselves with the organization’s rights to determine its legitimate business needs while maintaining an inclusive work environment?  The pitfalls for employers are many.  More businesses are likely to face these issues especially now that research is confirming these types of biases exist broadly across U. S. workplaces.  The potential for organizational errors are plentiful.  Organizations expect employees to use sound judgment in their dress and grooming, however, what if the employee’s sense of dress and grooming varies from the organizations?  After all, types of self-expression have become more commonplace with society demonstrating more acceptances in people’s choices of self-expression—shouldn’t the workplace reflect this change in social rules too?

Learning Objectives:

1.    To discuss legal issues surrounding Dress and Appearance in the workplace
2.    To list specific elements of a Dress and Appearance policy
3.    To identify prevention tactics to ensure employees are judged by their performance and not on stereotypes

Guest Speaker

Susan Strauss

Susan Strauss

Susan Strauss Ed.D. is a national and international speaker, trainer and consultant.  Her specialty areas include management/leadership,employee, and organization development. She has taught a variety of graduate and undergraduate courses in Organizational Leadership, for example, decision making, team building, and systems thinking. She has functioned as both an external and internal consultant in management and organizational development.  Susan has held positions in traini... View Full Profile

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