On Demand Webinar

Due Diligence: The Key to Sound Lending Decisions

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The purpose of this program is to identify the key components in the due diligence process in order to effectively analyze future business opportunities.  During this program, participants will learn about the importance of conducting due diligence on investment and other opportunities and learn how to evaluate business plans and financial proposals.  At the end of this program, participants will be able to do the following:


Know the right questions to ask about investment proposals

Identify the key factors that need to be addressed in any due diligence process

Become comfortable with the language of finance professionals

Understand the information contained in business plans

Guest Speaker

Vincent DiCara

Vincent DiCara

Vincent DiCara has been involved in evaluating and meeting the credit needs of small and medium-sized businesses for thirty years as a business advocate, lender, credit analyst and trainer. Since 1995, he has been providing expert training for lending professionals throughout the country who work in the public, private non-profit, and private sectors. Mr. DiCara’s training programs have become known for their ability to foster an informal and participatory environment in which students are empow... View Full Profile