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Strategies for Turning Your Dysfunctional Team Into All-Stars

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Managing or working on a team where infighting, back stabbing, lack of accountability or lack of trust exist is not only draining and stressful but also defeating and unproductive. Creating a functional team is possible!  It takes a strong understanding of the root causes of dysfunctional behaviors and the courage, discipline and knowledge of how to eliminate them. 

In this dynamic, engaging and thought provoking presentation we will explore the dysfunctions that can plague a team and learn how to overcome each dysfunction!  

This is a phenomenal opportunity for you to learn from a leader in the field, but also to roll up your sleeves and participate. This presentation is a must for every member!    

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the root causes of dysfunction within your team
  • Gain strategies for creating trust within your team and understand why that is critical
  • Learn techniques for adding accountability to your team
  • Understand key techniques for eliminating the costly dysfunctions plaguing your team
  • Gain a clear understanding of the conflict pendulum and what you need to do to engage in healthy debate

Join speaker extraordinaire, Julie Kowalski share exactly what is holding your team back and walk away with specific steps you can take to dramatically improve the performance of your team.

Guest Speaker

Julie M. Kowalski

Julie M. Kowalski

Julie Kowalski is a seasoned thought leader, consultant, executive coach and facilitator.  She’s also an energetic, and spirited professional trainer.  Through her own working history, Julie has gained valuable insight and acumen into the science of what it takes to start and run successful businesses as well as the art of earning and retaining customer and employee loyalty.   Julie maintains working relationships with a wide variety of business owners and executives from sma... View Full Profile