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Take Control of Your Inbox: A Primer on Email Management

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Email has become a critical and often times time consuming part of everyone's day.  Join K.J. McCorry as she takes you step by step through techniques designed to more effectively manage your email and add hours to your week.  Participants will learn key strategies that will allow you to TAKE CONTROL of your inbox.  Walk away with the knowledge that will allow you to spend less time on your email and be more productive and effective.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Learn 3 key strategies to managing your email
  • Learn 5 steps you should be using everyday to process your inbox
  • Understand how to effectively tag and identify email action items and why that is crucial
  • Learn 4 ways to organize, save and file email messages
  • Gain strategies that will allow you deal with an inbox of any size

Don't miss out on this chance to get a little of your time back each day and start TAKING CONTROL of your inbox!

Guest Speaker

K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry is the owner of Officiency Enterprises, Inc. a consulting company based out of Boulder, CO. K.J. consults in a wide-variety of topics including productivity, systems improvement, records management, and sustainability. She is the author of Organize Your Work Day In No Time, by Que Publishing. She has appeared New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Real Simple, CNN Money, Better Homes & Gardens with regular TV and radio appearances. K.J. has been nominated... View Full Profile