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Email Communication from A to Z

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Email is the primary communication tool within the workplace, and it is vital to have solid communication within the workplace be consistent, relevant, and professional. With email in-boxes overflowing and considerable time spent managing email it is important to craft email that is easy to read and lets the reader know exactly the purpose and what action they need to take. Participants will learn not only skills to improve their communication, but how to increase effectiveness with crafting email to make it easier to manage. This webinar will provide proven strategies and best practices to write emails more effectively.

Your Benefits of Attending:  

  • Understand the purpose and reason for email etiquette and protocol.
  • Learn how to write effective email subject lines that get your emails read.
  • Gain strategies in getting quick email response.
  • Understand formatting guidelines to make email easy to read and respond to.
  • Review the basic contents to get quick response and improve communications.
  • Learn key questions to ask before sending an email.

Join expert K.J. McCorry as she shares proven strategies to make your emails the most effective in the office.

Guest Speaker

K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry

K.J. McCorry is the owner of Officiency Enterprises, Inc. a consulting company based out of Boulder, CO. K.J. consults in a wide-variety of topics including productivity, systems improvement, records management, and sustainability. She is the author of Organize Your Work Day In No Time, by Que Publishing. She has appeared New York Times, International Herald Tribune, Chicago Tribune, Real Simple, CNN Money, Better Homes & Gardens with regular TV and radio appearances. K.J. has been nominated... View Full Profile