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How to Handle Emotionally Challenging Situations at Work

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:  Pamela Jett
  • Industry:  Business Administration, Business Skills, Human Resources
  • Credit: HRCI 1.0, SHRM 1.0
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Let’s face it, the workplace can be an emotional place.   It is critical to learn how to manage your own emotions and communicate effectively with others, even when they are spinning out of control.  Give yourself an edge with the ability to stay calm, cool, and collected in the face of emotional outbursts of others.  Loaded with practical communication tools for everyone: senior level executives, parents, administrative personnel, and first-time supervisors, this webinar will give you tools you can put to work immediately.  

Your Benefits of Attending:

Techniques to keep a lid on your emotions when they are at the boiling point

  • Discover why “goat hiding” is the most important emotional control skill set a professional needs.
  • Change your inner dialogue for outer success.
  • Stop saying things you regret and stay in charge of your emotional displays.

Powerful strategies to help others “calm down” 

  • Learn to avoid the worst things to say in emotionally charged situations - and what to say instead.
  • Diffuse defensiveness and gain cooperation with boundary statements.
  • What to do and say when tears are threatening to flow - yours or someone else’s.

How to manage conflict and confrontation with tact and finesse.

  • Learn powerful language patterns to engage in confrontation without losing your cool or being a doormat. 
  • Discover what to say to keep emotionally charged conversations on track and professional - no more conversations that stray far off topic.
  • 5 keys to confrontation that triggers cooperation, not defensiveness.

How to communication with specific types of difficult people.

  • Learn the #1 reason difficult people are difficult and what you can and cannot do about it.
  • Specific words and phrases to use with the exploder, the steamroller, the sniper and other difficult people.
  • Discover how to stand your ground without being obnoxious or pushy.

Join internationally recognized communication skills expert, Pamela Jett, as she teaches you how to effectively deal with emotionally challenging situations in your workplace.

Guest Speaker

Pamela Jett

Pamela Jett

Innovative Communication LeaderAs an internationally recognized communication skills expert, speaker and author, Pamela Jett works with professionals to better understand that "Words Matter" when we are looking to achieve results, make an impact and improve effectiveness. Pamela is a true innovator who takes people beyond basic  theory and strategy to an unparalleled level of application.Certified Speaking ProfessionalPamela Jett has had a life-long romance with words and their effect on re... View Full Profile

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