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Excel Array Formulas and the SUMPRODUCT Function

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  • Webinar Length: 100 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:  Michael Souder
  • Industry:  Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Taxation and Accounting
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Array formulas and the SUMPRODUCT function are two of the most powerful tools that allow the Excel user to perform many complex computations with simplicity. While these tools have many applications, most users have never heard of them or have been intimidated by the learning curve to become proficient in their use. This class demystifies the concepts behind these tools and uses several real-world examples incorporating common functions to unlock their power and versatility.

This class includes the following:

  • Explains arrays.
  • Distinguishes single cell and multi cell arrays.
  • Demonstrates how to use array constants.
  • Builds simple array formulas with the SUM function.
  • Introduces Booleans in array formulas.
  • Builds more complex array formulas using the IF, SUM and AVERAGE functions.
  • Introduces additional array formula possibilities using the LEN, LARGE and SMALL functions.
  • Explains the SUMPRODUCT function.
  • Solves complex calculations using the SUMPRODUCT function.

This engaging and interactive class is a must attend for intermediate to advanced Excel users looking to expand their skill set. Join Michael Souder as he helps you unlock the power of array formulas and the SUMPRODUCT function and shows you how to apply them in the real world.

Guest Speaker

Michael Souder

Michael Souder

Michael Souder leads MS Excel Solutions, a consulting firm specializing in spreadsheet solutions that save clients time and money. Michael applies 25 years of Microsoft Excel and general business experience to client engagements in many diverse industries, including: banking, finance, insurance, legal, real estate and construction. Michael has degrees in marketing, accounting and law. He has taught beginning to advanced Excel courses to large and small businesses, and has taught advanced Excel c... View Full Profile