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Mindset Success: Take Control of Your Career

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Julie Reed
  • Topic:   Business Administration, Business Skills
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You have read all the articles and seen all the training:  3 Steps to Success, 10 Habits of Successful People, 5 Things Every Successful Person Practices.  The truth of the matter is your success is yours.  No one can prescribe a magic elixir for success.  Success begins with you – your mindset.  

This is your moment of commitment.  Commit to embrace the mindset of happy successful people.  Set yourself on a path of growth and development that sustains momentum and is fueled by passion.  Take ownership of your career trajectory.

Give yourself permission to succeed!

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the correlation between your mindset and your success and recognize there is no distinction between the personal you and the professional you.
  • Discover your values and your goals.  This is the first step in developing Your Brand.
  • Learn how to put your Brand to work – Authentically, Consistently, and Intentionally.  
  • Gain strategies for developing a Brand that draws success and power to you.
  • Choose a mindset for success and influence your results – practice perception management and take control of your career.

Join Julie as she shares the secrets of a positive attitude and how to apply this mindset to your career path.  Find your North Star and define your Brand.  A Brand that aligns to your values and your goals.  A Brand that directs you to the success you desire and empowers you to influence the outcome with each interaction.

Become a free-agent representing YOU - Value your Value and take the first step today.

Guest Speaker

  • Julie Reed