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W-8/1042-S Compliance When Making Payments to Non-U.S. Persons

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  • Webinar Length: 100 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Steven Mercatante
  • Topic:   Taxation and Accounting
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The IRS is heavily focusing its nonresident alien tax regulations compliance audits on accounts payable operations. If your organization outsources work to an overseas contractor, if you bring a foreign contractor in for short-term work, or if you are asked to pay a foreign consultant’s invoice, this one-day seminar will help you to make sense of the regulations surrounding payments to foreign vendors.


  • Learn to distinguish a 1042-S reportable non-resident alien payee from a 1099 reportable resident alien or U.S. citizen payee
  • Get tips on recognizing how to handle visas, green cards, and using the IRS substantial presence test to identify when a payment should be 1042-S or 1099 reportable
  • Discover why where the services is performed is so important to determine your 1042-S reporting responsibilities
  • Learn how to use the Forms W-8 and 8233 to validate payee claims for treaty benefits
  • Address rules for 1042-S tax withholding and how to report it

This class if right for you if:

  • You make payments to foreign vendors and are confused as to how to validate Forms W-8 and 1042-S report those payments
  • You are concerned that your organization does not have appropriate policies in place for identifying when W-8 or 1042-S reporting situations arise
  • You have a solid understanding of 1099 reporting rules and want to get to the next level in terms of protecting your organization from an IRS audit

Level: Intermediate
Format: Recorded webcast
Instructional Method: QAS Self Study
NASBA Field of Study: Accounting
Program Prerequisites: None
Advance Preparation: None

Guest Speaker

  • Steven Mercatante