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Building a Reporting Tool with Pivot Tables in Excel

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  • Webinar Length: 100 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:  Mike Thomas
  • Industry:  Business Administration, Finance, Human Resources, Software, Taxation and Accounting
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Pivot Tables are one of the most powerful tools in Excel’s data analysis and Business Intelligence (BI) armoury. With just a few clicks of the mouse (and no complicated formulas!) you can quickly and easily build reports and charts that summarise and analyse large amounts of raw data and help you to spot trends and get answers to the important questions on which you base your key business decisions.

In this session, you'll learn how to create a pivot table report in just 6 clicks! You'll learn how change the layout and appearance of the report to make it inviting to read. You'll learn how to display data in different ways, for example, sales grouped by month or top 10 customers. You'll learn how to create Slicers which are the new visual way to filter a pivot table. Finally, you'll learn how to display the pivot table data as a chart/graph.

Topics covered

What is a pivot table – a few examples of pivot tables

Creating a simple pivot table in 6 clicks

Sum, count and percent – how to change what is displayed

Making a pivot table report eye-catchingly appealing

Changing the layout of a pivot table

Displaying the data in a pivot table in alphabetical or numerical order

Using filters to display specific items in a pivot table

Grouping the data by month, year or quarter in a pivot table

Representing the pivot table data as a chart/graph

Best practices for updating a pivot table when the source data changes

Calculating month-on-month difference

Calculating a running/cumulative total

Displaying a unique count

Using formulas to create additional calculated items

Slicers – the new visual way to filter a pivot table

Guest Speaker

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas

Mike Thomas has worked in the IT training business for 26 years. His expertise and experience covers designing and delivering training courses, creating written training materials (Quick Reference Guides and step-by-step tutorials), recording and editing video-based tutorials and providing support to users. He is a subject matter expert in a range of Microsoft technologies including Microsoft Office, Lync/Skype for Business and SharePoint. He has extensive experience of working with Cloud-based ... View Full Profile