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Preparing the Complicated Form 990

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The object of this course is to train new and experienced staff accountants and preparers to deal with the challenges of filing the Form 990 and associated schedules. You’ll learn the flow of the form and schedules and how sections intersect to form a complete return. You’ll also learn how donors, the IRS and other stakeholders use the form. 

Other topics covered include:

  • Which form in the 990 series to file
  • Common pitfalls and problems when completing the return
  • Preparation of the summary of the organization’s mission, activities, and financial results
  • Governance, management, and disclosure information regarding governing bodies
  • Compensation schedules for officers, directors, and key employees
  • Interaction between financial statements and the Form 990
  • Public support test and the types of nonprofit entities that may file Form 990
  • How related organizations can affect the filing organization’s return
  • Introduction to Unrelated Business Income

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Prepare a complete and accurate return, and identify missing information or additional questions to ask
  • Effectively market the organization through the creation of strong narratives which are positively read by foundations, donors, government agencies, media, and others
  • Identify issues related to nonprofit taxation which are reported on the Form 990

Guest Speaker

Tracy Paglia

Tracy Paglia

Tracy Paglia, CPA, is a tax partner with Moss Adams LLP. She has over 19 years of public accounting experience identifying and meeting the tax and consulting needs of Not-for-Profit and exempt Healthcare clients, their for-profit affiliates and donors. Her expertise includes areas such as attaining, maintaining and termination of tax exempt status, preparing and analyzing the Form 990, state registration and filing requirements, intermediate sanctions, compensation issues, forming and operation ... View Full Profile