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Project Risk Management: Taking the Stress Out of Your Project

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Successful project managers are not just lucky. It is not good fortune that they guide their team through project obstacles and unforeseen challenges with relative ease. They are simply ahead of the game by using risk management to their advantage. Join Margaret Meloni and you will be able to handle any obstacle that pops up on your next project. Learn to employ strategic risk management on your projects. Be prepared for the challenges that come your way.  The better prepared that you can be, the more likely you are to navigate those unknown and unplanned events with ease. Yes, you can prepare for the unknown and this webinar will show you how to do that.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand how individual and group attitudes shape risk strategy.
  • Learn three ways to identify project risks.
  • Understand how to find the root cause for a risk.
  • Create a risk prioritization process.
  • Decide when risks require deeper analysis.
  • Move forward with the right risk management strategy for your organization.

Join Margaret Meloni for this webinar and take the stress out of your next project.

Guest Speaker

Margaret Meloni

Margaret Meloni

Margaret Meloni is the owner and leader of pmStudent.com. Her focus is helping you successfully navigate the art and science of project management. Margaret has supported project managers at organizations such as Occidental Petroleum, Northrop Grumman, Toyota Motor Credit, CalStart and arc.Her background in Project Management and PMO Leadership enables Margaret to understand that managing projects can be difficult. This is why her goal is to provide her community with knowledge and skills that c... View Full Profile