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Federal and State R&D Tax Credits

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Ron Wainwright will update participants on the latest developments and opportunities regarding federal and state R&D tax credits.  Mr. Wainwright brings to the discussion expert knowledge and over 25 years of experience working directly with clients and IRS authorities. He will provide a quick refresher of the R&D credit if you are not familiar with this tax credit, and then discuss relevant examples and nuances within federal and state credits.


·       Did you know that only 1/3 of eligible companies actually claim the Research and Development Credit? The federal credit is typically equal to 14-20% of qualifying expenses and the majority of companies that claim the credit do not receive the full amount they are entitled to. Additionally, 36 states, including Florida also offer similar credits. Gain a better understanding of what constitutes a qualifying expense and how to qualify by attending this webinar

·       Refresh your understanding of what qualifies as R&D and learn how much your business may be eligible to receive

·       Apply the start-up company criteria to determine if clients may use credits against payroll tax

·       Many states also offer incentives for research and development. Learn how to potentially claim R&D credits on both your state and federal return

Guest Speaker

Ron Wainwright

Ron Wainwright

A Tax Partner with more than 25 years of experience in the area of taxation, Ron serves a diverse client base including multi-national, public and closely held companies. Clients who rely on Ron’s guidance inhabit a number of industries including manufacturing, distribution, technology and life sciences, real estate and construction, and private equity. Based in the Firm’s Raleigh office, Ron guides clients through a number of taxation matters including international and domestic tax provisions,... View Full Profile