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The Science of Compassion - How You Show Up Matters

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:  Debra Dupree
  • Industry:  Business Administration, Business Skills, Human Resources
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Did you know that 70% of all people who seek medical attention for headaches find out that they have nothing to do with any organic reason?  It’s simply stress!

Did you know that a recent study found that 40% of the workforce is on some type of medication for anxiety or depression?

Why is it that this country, consuming 25% of the world’s resources, is facing an epidemic of loneliness, anxiety and depression?  An impoverishment of connection that comes not out of economic loss but from a loss of compassion?

Dr. D, a psychologist and workplace mediation, brings to us an understanding of how compassion impacts our lives on many levels.  When we shift our mindset around compassion, we shift what happens inside of us physiologically.  When we show warm-heartedness…compassion…it reduces blood pressure, stress, anxiety and improves health.   Here’s what you’ll learn: 

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Walk away with a better understanding of  what COMPASSION means to you and how your life has been impacted by a show of compassion?
  • Understand the Science behind Compassion and why it so important to you and your organization?
  • Learn the Law of Reciprocity and Mirror Neurons. 
  • Understand how compassion can improve the quality of your relationships and employee engagement?
  • Reframe Compassion and gain 4 takeaways for immediate application.

When we lack compassion, we actually increase our vulnerability to disease and death…even greater vulnerability than if we smoked, were overweight or lacked physical activity.  Instead, a show of compassion predicts longer life, faster recovery from disease and greater happiness…well-being…greater purpose and meaning.

How do YOU want to show up?  How can YOU make a difference in livelihood and culture of your organization?  Let’s get started now!

Guest Speaker

Debra Dupree

Debra Dupree

Debra brings to you a wealth of experience as a workplace mediator, workforce consultant for troubled teams and emerging leaders, and the latest and greatest research and education on the science and psychology of good bosses vs. bad bosses.  Her years of experience led to the authorship of her book on Leading Consciously Now designed and developed for the business and academic communities.  She is both a corporate trainer as well as a professor in communications, conflict resolut... View Full Profile