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Understanding IRS Correspondence

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This course will demystify IRS procedures and describe the notices generated at each step in the process so that you will understand the reasons for specific correspondence types. Methods for responding to IRS correspondence will be presented so that you can resolve IRS issues quickly and effectively. Correspondence received from the IRS can be disconcerting and confusing. Often the exact nature and specific meaning of the correspondence is anything but clear. To make matters worse, budgetary constraints have caused the IRS to limit access to walk-in centers and to shift resources away from face-to-face contact in favor of correspondence audits and other communication by mail. This course will equip you with the knowledge and skills necessary to alleviate the angst that often accompanies the receipt of a letter from the IRS.

Topics Covered:
•    IRS Assessment and Collection Procedures and Related Correspondence
•    General Approaches to IRS Responding to IRS Correspondence
•    Dealing with the CP2000 Notice
•    Efficiently Handling Correspondence Audits
•    Interest and Penalty Notices
•    Identifying Fake IRS Notice Scams

Guest Speaker

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek

Chuck Borek is a practicing attorney and founder of  the Borek Group, LLC. Chuck is also a CPA, and his background includes  five years as a partner in a public accounting firm. He received his law degree and MBA summa cum laude from the University of Baltimore in 1993, where he was editor-in-chief of the Law Review. He has been teaching professionally since 1989, including four years as an Associate Professor of Accounting and two years as a Visiting Assistant Professor of Law. He ha... View Full Profile