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Managing Workplace Conflict

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Dysfunctional conflict has destructive consequences and studies show that managers spend 20 - 40% of their time resolving or dealing with conflict. 

The total estimated cost in US business is $259 Billion. 

Unresolved conflict is tied to 50% of employee turnover.

Conflict that results in legal action will cost $$$’s – even if you win.

What impact does negative conflict have on your company and what is the personal impact on you?

Dysfunctional conflict has a profoundly negative impact at almost every level of business. Fortunately there are actions you can take to turn it around.

  • Learn strategies to handle conflict with confidence and poise
  • Drive for harmony, reduced drama, and respectful communication
  • Thirteen keys to confronting conflict constructively
  • Gain perspective on your role in conflict
  • Ways managers make conflict worse
  • Four keys to confronting conflict constructively
  • Thirteen major strategies to help you manage conflict
  • Learn the 9 hot buttons that can inflame conflict and what to do about it
  • Receive a conflict model outlining the five major options
  • Dysfunctional behavior to watch out for based on your personality
  • Mediating conflict – techniques when employees are at odds
  • Assertive and aggressive behavior – how are they different?

Guest Speaker

Wes Pruett

Wes Pruett

Wes Pruett is owner of HR Advisors LLC, a consulting practice that provides service to clients who seek to align their business and employees creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 20 years in senior leadership within the Mayo Health System he founded HR Advisors. Mr. Pruett provides solutions to companies for a wide variety of HR issues including compensation, compliance, policy development, performance management, and employee relations. Mr. Pruett regularly facili... View Full Profile