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Anel Martin

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Anel Martin is an award winning former assistant with 15 years experience in the corporate world. She has been training assistants since 2009 and is a published author. She is well known for her fresh and dynamic approach and her ability to help employees understand the changing landscape of business and what will be required from them to stay relevant in the future. She held both CAP-OM and CMOP industry certifications and has a Business Management Diploma.

Anel studied Drama which makes her uniquely positioned to work with clients on body language, voice, confidence and presentation skills. This also makes her fun to watch. She has worked with groups as large as 300 from 24 different countries and truly has a global view of the profession, she has been exposed to delegates from all over the world, different accents, backgrounds and industries.

Anel has also worked with several premium companies across the globe for in-house training interventions and performance coaching. She is a qualified Results Based Coach and she is passionate about helping her clients create better lives and careers