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How to Reconnect in a Disconnected World Through the Forgotten Practice of Handwriting Letters

We will discuss the importance of connection in the workplace and our personal lives too and how handwritten letters will help!

HR Technology Myths Debunked: Get the Facts Straight

With our expert guest, we will discuss the importance of HR technology in today's workforce management and why debunking myths is crucial for the success of the organization as a whole.

The Benefits of Offering Health Nutrition Coaching to Employees

We will discuss the benefits of offering health nutrition coaching to employees to lower health insurance claims and increase overall employee engagement, productivity, and retention.

The Importance of Supporting Working Family Caregivers

We will discuss the importance of working family caregivers and the sandwich generation, perspectives of human resource leaders, and recommendations for improved support.

Discovering Purpose in Career Transitions and Purpose in the Workplace

We will discuss changing careers and leading with purpose in the workplace.

Helping People Make Great Hiring and Career Decisions

We will discuss the hiring process, job search tips for job seekers, hiring tips for the hiring team and so much more.

Hiring as a Team Sport

We will discuss how hiring is a team sport with all hands on deck.

Keeping Employees Motivated to Learn and Engage

We will discuss how businesses can keep employees motivated to learn, grow within their career, remain engaged, and stay with the company long term.

Create a Work-Positive Culture

We will discuss creating a Work Positive culture that increases productivity and profits with expert guest Dr Joey Faucette.

What do HR Professionals and Scientists Have in Common?

We will discuss how leaders and HR need to think more like scientists.

Getting Real in 2024

Wendy and JC discuss the reality of today's workforce. Tune in to get the facts and advice from experienced HR consultant the HR Lady.

Creating a Consent Culture

We will discuss creating a consent culture and how this will affect the workplace in the long run.

Motivational Leadership: Share Your Fire

We will discuss what motivational leadership is, how effective communication is a skill and how great communicators motivate others to be productive and avoid burnout.

How Eldercare Affects the Workplace

We will discuss the reality of eldercare, its impact on workers and corporate support.

Best Practices in Employment Law and General Business Trials

We will discuss best practices, including how to avoie going to trial for employment law and general business.

A Better Way to Communicate, Engage and Understand Your People

We will discuss improving employee engagement, retention and belonging through internal communications.

Inclusive Leadership Starts With YOU

We will discuss Consciously Inclusive Leadership with Dr. Steve Yacovelli of TopDog Learning Group.

Unlocking the Power Within: Nurturing Mental Wealth in the Workplace

We will discuss mental wealth, mental health, communication, self-improvement and the strengths of neuro emotional diversity and how all of these affect workplace relationships and business goals.

Helping Parents in Leadership Roles Uncover Their True Potential

This podcast aims to provide working professionals with insights and actionable strategies to support parent-leaders in their teams, ensuring they thrive both in the office and at home.

Harnessing Software to Supercharge HR Capacity

With CEO of Lanteria HR, Andrew Swiler, we will discuss the transformative role of software in the HR landscape, discussing its impact on streamlining processes, incorporation of AI and automation, enhancing employee engagement, and more.