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Employee Feedback Must be Ongoing

Employee reviews (aka performance reviews) are outdated. Employee feedback must be ongoing and about more than just performance.

Staffing in 2022 and Beyond

It’s 2022 and hard to find staff. Where did all the people go?

Every Complaint Shouldn't Go To HR - How to Keep it That Way in 2022

Want to stop HR from being the place where all complaints go?

The Great Resignation and What To Do About It

The Great resignation is not new to 2022!

How to Handle Conflict

Conflict is inevitable. Anger and hurt feelings are not. Learn how to handle conflict and confrontation in a professional fashion. Learn what to say and what not to say in order to reach an agreement. Discover words that trigger defensivene [...]

What Employers Need To Know About the Roe vs Wade Decision

The SCOTUS decision will affect your workplace.

Dealing With Difficult People

Join communication expert, Pamela Jett, as she provides you with the knowledge and tools you will need to effectively deal with difficult people.

The AGILE Workplace: People, Places and Processes in a Hybrid World

Join Debra Dupree as she guides you through the changing workplace and how you can successfully navigate this new workplace. From Covid to technology, don't miss out on this information packed week of podcasts focusing on the new hybrid wor [...]


HR This, not that means we will take a look at some workplace issues, policies or practices that may be antiquated or are done because that is what has always been done. Some of these policies and practices have never been questioned before [...]

Assertive Communication Skills

Assertive communication is the hallmark of a true professional. Are you secretly afraid that you come on too strong or are you perceived as a doormat? Would you like to be seen as confident, trustworthy, and professional? Assertive communic [...]

Improving Communication and Work Relationships

Communication and strong work relationships go hand in hand and there is nothing more critical to personal and company success.

Five Ways Our Employees Drive Us Crazy and What To Do About It

Yes, it is true, employees can drive us crazy sometimes. This week's podcast takes a deeper look into what employees do that drive us crazy, why they are doing it and what we should be doing to proactively keep the same issue from arising i [...]