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Real Tips for Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with unpleasant and difficult people is a part of life, but how should we handle it at work?

Management Training is No Longer Optional

People leave cultures. Managers are part of the culture.

Hot Topics in HR Right Now

We will review 5 hot topics in HR right now that must be put into your strategic plan and 2023 budget.

Overcoming Skill Gaps in the Manufacturing Industry

Millions of Manufacturing jobs will go unfilled due to skill gaps. This will affect most Americans.

Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) in HR

This podcast series reviews AI in 2023 and how it affects HR and workers.

2023 Employment Concerns: Should We Be Worried?

Employment concerns in 2023, as an employer or a candidate, should we be worried?

Managing a Small Business

Running a small business is much different than a large business. It is important to know that HR and Employee Relations is vital for both.

Illegal Harassment is More Than Sexual Harassment

Harassment is illegal discrimination and can be based on so much more than sex.

Volunteerism To Improve Employee Engagement

HR, Ops & Business Owners must understand that providing time off of work to volunteer as a team truly is a benefit and an engagement tool.

HR Best Practices for Fast Growth Companies

BEST PRACTICES for fast-growth companies who may not currently have experienced HR.

Human-centered and Inclusive Policies

Improving company culture through human-centered & inclusive policies.

Unique Benefits For All Size Companies

Unique benefits to attract and retain employees, even on a small budget.

Unique Employment Laws

We will review some unique employment laws that employers across the country should know in order to stay out of court and the news.

Discover A Hidden Goldmine of Candidates & Employees

Uncovering the Facts About Employee’s With Disabilities

Successful Recruiting Tips: Hint – Get Organized

In order to be successful when recruiting you need to take a step back and get organized to truly be prepared for a positive candidate experience.

Quiet Quitting

Why This Terminology “Quiet Quitting” Sends The Wrong Message

Company Culture is Key to Success: 5 Reasons Why It Matters

A great company culture is vital for engaging your most valuable resources: your employees. Company culture determines who you will attract and retain, whether it is engaged,productive, effective team members or those employees who are just [...]

Empowering People Differences at Work through Empowerment

Empowering People Differences at Work Builds Trust and Commitment.

Employee Feedback Must be Ongoing

Employee reviews (aka performance reviews) are outdated. Employee feedback must be ongoing and about more than just performance.

Staffing in 2022 and Beyond

It’s 2022 and hard to find staff. Where did all the people go?