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Proactive Steps With Employment Law: A Conversation With David Miklas, Labor & Employment Attorney

We will discuss the importance of the prevention of workplace legal claims, not only through policy, but through action, as well as discuss a few shocking cases.

Effective Leadership Involves Psychometric Assessments, Career Coaching and Succession Planning

We will discuss unlocking employee engagement and retention through effective leadership, career coaching, and succession planning. Wendy is joined by special guest, Stephen Shortt.

Boosting Employee Engagement and Connection: Keys to Retention and Productivity

Join Wendy Sellers as she discusses employee engagement with Ari Gunzburg, Award-Winning keynote speaker.

CHRO and CFO Working Together to Achieve Business Goals

We will discuss how the functions of HR, Accounting and Finance intersect now more than ever and how to improve the overall relationship.

Difficult Conversations at Work, With Expert Guest Rhonda Scharf

We will discuss how anyone can have difficult conversations at work. HR is there for support!

Navigating the Challenges and Best Practices of Payroll in the US

Join Wendy Sellers and expert guest Vicki Lambert as they discuss the most common issues facing payroll professionals in the US.

DEI from both a Marketing and HR Perspective

DEI initiatives are failing in many businesses. Why is that happening and how does it affect HR?

Leaders as Coaches

Leadership is hard. Coaches can help!

Common Complaints About HR Departments

We will discuss common complaints about HR departments, problems faced by HR departments and offer solutions to fix them.

ChatGPT and Other AI That Will Disrupt Business

We will discuss how generative artificial intelligence has the ability to produce content, music, images and more just from a brief description and how this is disruptive to business as we know it.

Recruiting Advice for Hiring Veterans / Getting Hired as a Veteran

Are you a veteran or an employer interested in hiring veterans? Listen to this series for solid advice for both sides.

Immigration Advice for HR and Hiring Managers

Immigration Advice for HR and Hiring Managers to help with the staffing crunch in the USA.

Mental Health in the Workplace

Retaining employees means properly caring for your people, including their mental health.

How to Connect With Co-Workers

We spend over 2000 hours a year with co-workers, so we really need to learn how to connect with them on a human level.

The Importance of Employee Connection and Engagement

Learn how you can positively affect employee connection and engagement.

Connecting Business Practices to the Employee Experience

How to connect business practices (including the company image) to everything employee related.

How to Successfully Onboard New Employees

A well planned onboarding experience tends to lead to longer and a more successful length of service.

Work Life Balance

Want to attract and retain employees? Improve your work life balance programs.

Real Tips for Dealing With Difficult People

Dealing with unpleasant and difficult people is a part of life, but how should we handle it at work?

Management Training is No Longer Optional

People leave cultures. Managers are part of the culture.