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Job Postings and Notification Liabilities

Are you unintentionally discriminating by using unconscious bias in your job ads and notifications? Of course not! Well the words unintentional and unconscious are key and should really have you doing a double take right now and asking “ [...]

HR Metrics That Matter

The cost of labor is often the top line-item expense in a financial report and since minimum wage laws are drastically changing right now, the cost of labor will also continue to rise at the speed of light. What can business owners do to [...]

How to Succeed as a One-Person HR Department

If you are an HR department of one, it is very likely that you were also juggling other responsibilities including recruiting, payroll and possibly operations; not to mention putting on a technical support hat for all the HR, payroll or [...]

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  • Dr. B. Lynn Ware
  • Rupinder Kaur
  • Hana Zimman
  • Miranda Watkins
  • C.R. Wright
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