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Diversity and Equity is no Longer an Option

When the medica discuss claims of lack of diversity, equity or inclusivity as well as claims of bias or harassment at companies, they often focus on race, sex or gender. Yet it is much more than those three aspects.  Employers shoul [...]

Understanding Compensation and Benefits

All of the laws enforced by EEOC, except for the Equal Pay Act, require employees (or candidates) to file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC before they can file a job discrimination lawsuit against an employer. This means that Equ [...]

Crisis in The Workplace

It seems like everywhere we turn, there is a crisis. At work, small issues may turn into what is perceived as a huge workplace crisis. One definition of a crisis per Merriam-Webster is “an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in [...]

To Interrupt Unconsious Bias You Must Understand it

Bias is usually unconscious which means it is second nature to us. Have you ever questioned your own bias? Everyone should! In order to interrupt any form of bias, one must understand what bias is and even test if they have an unconsciou [...]

Understanding Implied Privacy When Hiring

Privacy rights for workers are governed by certain laws, whether local, state or federal, by industry regulations or rules, and/or by company specific policies. Additionally, in many situations, people in the workplace may also have what [...]

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