Having an effective recruiting and hiring process is critical for the long term success of any company. This is more true now than ever before as the number of employees willing to job hop continues to grow and the job openings continues to grow as well. It has become well known how high the costs are of poor hiring decisions. This package is designed to help you find the best talent, conduct effective interviews, make the correct hiring decision and will even address successful onboarding techniques. Don't waste more time and money with poor hiring decisions.

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Before even getting into the interview process join Wes Pruett as he starts you off on the right foot with realistic job previews. Making sure both the company and the candidate are clear about components of the job and expectations will ensure a smooth start.  Then you can move on to training specifically aimed at helping you attract the specific talent you are looking for, which is easier said than done in a competitive job market.  From their join Liz Schrum as she walks you through "The Art of First Interview" to make sure you make a great first impression on your candidates.  

Make sure you are using the tools you have available to you, but only in the way the law allows. Make sure to spend some time with the training aimed at giving you do's and don'ts of social media, credit reports, driving records and international screening. There is treasure trove of information on candidates that is readily available, but make sure you are aware of the risks associated with each.  

Once you have made your decision and make the offer that is just the first step. Perhaps just as important if you want to keep your new employee for the long-term is the onboarding process you have in place. An effective onboarding process increases your chance of keeping your new employee for 3 years by 69%.  

No one can guarantee that every hiring decision will work out for you, but you can greatly increase your chances through effective training on the recruiting, hiring and onboarding processes.