If you are SPHR or SPHRi certified you likely already know that at least 15 of the 60 hours you earn must add to your knowledge of your organization and how it operates.  Programs with HRCI Business Credits are offered on programs that do exactly that.  This package puts together programs that offer HRCI Business Credits and provide a great way for you to expand your knowledge beyond the typical HR compliance and best practice training that is offered.  This package includes programs that will expand your knowledge on key metrics, project management, talent management, leadership and implementing modern strategies.

Some of Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain a framework for how to create a modern people strategy.
  • Understand various approaches to leadership development and how to determine which fits for you.
  • Learn how to incorporate leadership development into the organization culture.
  • Understand the current trends in talent management and what that means to you.
  • Gain insight into developing an integrated talent management strategy.
  • Identify the key people needed to design an integrated talent management strategy.
  • Learn the role of metrics in measuring and communicating value.
  • Understand how metrics improve strategic and operational decision making.
  • Learn best practices for project management.
  • Understand the process for creating estimates (not guesses).

Start expanding your organizational knowledge and earning your HRCI Business Credits today!