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Annissa Deshpande

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Working with a ton of business leaders over the past two decades has proven we all have one thing in common—we want to take our businesses to the next level and crush our goals, especially our revenue goals. However, the problem is that you need people to make that happen, but that part of the business isn’t running so smoothly.

People you thought would never leave have moved on, and you’re losing sleep because you’re nervous about whether your team has what it takes to complete the projects in front of you. I understand your pain; as a former HR exec at a Fortune 500, I know how stressful the people aspect of a business can be. But I believe that it’s wrong that a great business would be held back due to people issues - it’s just not that hard to treat people right and make them productive! It’s time for you to modernize HR.

So here’s the plan.

  1. Find the gaps in your business.
  2. Apply modern HR strategies to those gaps.
  3. Measure your success

Watch your Glassdoor rating go up, people get happier, and revenue increase. HR truly doesn’t have to suck - modern HR is creative, satisfying, and profitable.