Today's leaders recognize the need to maximize productivity in their team and that can only happen when employees are committed and engaged. It's no surprise that actively engaged employees are 20 to 40 percent more productive in the workplace than those that aren't engaged. 

In order to have a team of high performing and successful employees, you need to know the best techniques to engage and motivate them. Not only does it make your job easier, coaching greatly improves employee performance when done correctly.

While once considered a "soft" skill, coaching for high performance is now recognized as an effective method that produces better decision making skills, improved project management, and increased performance while lowering overall turnover. 

Join Wes Pruett, as he helps you to understand how to tap into employee commitment to produce results in the workplace. He will unveil a five-step model for effective coaching that seasoned managers, supervisors, and emerging leaders alike will be able to implement in their workplaces.

During this 90-minute webinar, we will:

•    Help you understand how to tap into employee commitment 
•    Unravel what engages and disengages employees 
•    Detail the 6 key skills necessary for effective coaching 
•    Share a useable 5-step model for conducting a coaching session 
•    Clarify the differences between coaching, mentoring, teaching, and directing 
•    Provide over 44 questions to drive action and accountability 

Webinar Benefits:

•    Complimentary List of 44 Engagement Questions 
•    Live question and answer session
•    Complimentary copy of speaker's presentation slides

Join an industry expert as he equips you with the necessary tools to effectively use your new coaching skills.