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Secret Strategies to Giving Performance Feedback

Does this sound familiar? You have a team member who is engaged in some rather sketchy behavior, behavior that you know you ought to address. However, the thought of having a performance feedback conversation isn’t really appealing. So, you [...]

Fears, Biases and Distortions: The Bedrock of Human Disputes

Have you ever been totally baffled by how differently people look at the same thing? Their inability or unwillingness to see what you see almost seems intentional or simply idiotic.And, guess what – they probably think the same about you!Wh [...]

Technology, Hybrids, and the New World of Work

What do I need to keep in mind as we struggle to re-open, revamp for hybrid work and the technology available while also complying with COVID guidelines while keeping employees engaged?The world is certainly more complex than anything we’ [...]

From Buddy to Boss

Whether you were a teammate or a team lead who has been promoted to a supervisor or manager (aka: the boss), you will have to face your coworker buddies who now report to you. To put it bluntly, yes this is awkward! Plan to address the awkw [...]

Diversity and Equity is no Longer an Option

When the medica discuss claims of lack of diversity, equity or inclusivity as well as claims of bias or harassment at companies, they often focus on race, sex or gender. Yet it is much more than those three aspects.  Employers should b [...]

Understanding Compensation and Benefits

All of the laws enforced by EEOC, except for the Equal Pay Act, require employees (or candidates) to file a Charge of Discrimination with the EEOC before they can file a job discrimination lawsuit against an employer. This means that Equal [...]

Crisis in The Workplace

It seems like everywhere we turn, there is a crisis. At work, small issues may turn into what is perceived as a huge workplace crisis. One definition of a crisis per Merriam-Webster is “an unstable or crucial time or state of affairs in whi [...]
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