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Resolving Duplicate Values Within Excel Pivot Tables

When you transform a list of data into a meaningful report with a few mouse clicks in Excel, pivottables can feel like a blessing. On the other hand, when duplicate values appear in that pivottable, the feature may instead feel cursed. In t [...]

Introduction to the New LET Function in Microsoft 365

Introduction to the New LET Function in Microsoft 365 The bane of many Excel users is having to repeat portions of a calculation two or more times within a single formula. Any sort of repetition in Excel formulas can be fraught with risk, a [...]

Calculating Loan Payments in Microsoft Excel

Much of Excel’s power and utility arises from the ability to perform complex calculations by providing one or more inputs. One example is the PMT function in Microsoft Excel, which enables us to calculate a loan payment if we provide three [...]

Filtering Tips and Tricks in Excel

Information overload is one of the perils of working with lists of data in Microsoft Excel. There’s only so much information that we can comfortably work with in any given moment, which makes filtering a great tool for fighting back. The nu [...]
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