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The WORST Ways to Handle Conflict

In even the very best personal and professional relationships, conflict is inevitable. Our ability (or inability) to handle conflict can make a key difference in the quality of our relationships, our careers, and our lives. Here are t [...]

Are You Ready To Be a Manager AND a Mentor?

Often, the very best person to mentor an employee to succeed in their current role is their manager. If you have a “high-potential” employee on your team and you’ve thought that they could benefit from being mentored by you, here are a [...]

Proactive Planning for Increased Success

Do you find yourself scrambling last minute, having to be reminded of deadlines, or being hunted down by others, after a deadline has passed? Or do you want to stop wasting time searching for things & feeling overwhelmed? Or do you t [...]

The Best No Cost Employee Recognition Strategy

It’s no secret that employee recognition matters. Numerous research studies reveal that well over 50% of employees crave more recognition both from their leaders and their immediate peers. Employee recognition is a key driver of retentio [...]

All You Need is Love

February is a month filled with hearts wherever you go. Love it or hate it…St. Valentine’s Day is here to stay like many other contemporary holidays along with their commercialization. But it doesn’t have to be that way. We have choic [...]

The Science of Compassion

Do you know that 70% of all people who seek medical attention for headaches find they have nothing to do with any organic reason? It is simply stress!

Are you aware that 40% of the workforce is on some type of medication for [...]

Comparing Excel’s VLOOKUP and XLOOKUP Functions

According to Microsoft, VLOOKUP is the third most used worksheet function, behind the SUM and AVERAGE functions, respectively. VLOOKUP is used to look up information in a spreadsheet based on criteria that you provide. VLOOKUP has four a [...]

Hey First Time Supervisor! Are You On the Struggle Bus?

Are you new to a supervisor, team lead, or even manager role? Do you feel like you’ve been given little to no training or time to adjust? Are you experiencing some anxiety or sleepless nights because you are finding yourself in challeng [...]

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