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Brain Storming Methodology

INTRODUCTION:This is the second article of three (3). The titles 0f the three (3) articles are: THE FIVE (5) STEP MODEL; BRAIN STORMING METHODOLOGY; ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS. The second article focuses on the BRAINSTORMING application.BRAI [...]

Problem Solving - The 5 Step Model

INTRODUCTION:This will be the initial article of three (3). The titles are: THE FIVE (5) STEP MODEL; BRAIN STORMING METHODOLOGY; ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS.STRUCTURE - TEAM CREATION:This is one of the first factors in doing problem solving.EMPLOYE [...]

3 Ways to Boost Communication Effectiveness

I read an interesting yelp review of a medical professional the other day. The reviewer said the medical professional was competent, but “had all the personality of cardboard.  ”Rating? 1 star!Essentially, the reviewer was making a com [...]

The WORST Ways to Handle Conflict

In even the very best personal and professional relationships, conflict is inevitable. Our ability (or inability) to handle conflict can make a key difference in the quality of our relationships, our careers, and our lives. Here are the [...]

Are You Ready To Be a Manager AND a Mentor?

Often, the very best person to mentor an employee to succeed in their current role is their manager. If you have a “high-potential” employee on your team and you’ve thought that they could benefit from being mentored by you, here are a fe [...]

Proactive Planning for Increased Success

Do you find yourself scrambling last minute, having to be reminded of deadlines, or being hunted down by others, after a deadline has passed? Or do you want to stop wasting time searching for things & feeling overwhelmed? Or do you thin [...]

The Best No Cost Employee Recognition Strategy

It’s no secret that employee recognition matters. Numerous research studies reveal that well over 50% of employees crave more recognition both from their leaders and their immediate peers. Employee recognition is a key driver of retention, [...]
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