If you aren't currently utilizing dashboards or if your dashboards haven't changed in years and stopped having an impact then this is the program for you.  Join Excel guru David Ringstrom as he teaches you how to harness the power of Dashboards and you will soon be wondering how you ever lived without them.  Learn how to take large amounts of data and present it in a format your users will love using pivot tables, pivot charts and other Excel features.  

Being able to take large amounts of data and present it in concise summaries that instantly impacts the viewer is part art and part science.  David will teach you how to perfect both and yet maintain the functionality that makes Excel so powerful.  When you are done you will be creating beautiful dashboards that look less like an Excel spreadsheet through the use of dynamic and interactive graphs, self-updating titles for charts, pivot charts and more.

Just a Few of Your Benefits of Attending:  

  • Creating self-updating titles for charts and pivot charts.
  • Seeing how the Sparkline feature empowers you to create tiny, in-cell charts for showing trends of data.
  • Jump-starting data visualization with the Quick Analysis feature.
  • Creating dynamic and interactive graphs with Excel’s PivotChart feature.
  • Creating a dashboard that looks less like an Excel spreadsheet by hiding screen elements.
  • Streamlining the filtering of lists in Excel 2013 and later by using the Slicer feature with tables.
  • Utilizing the Timeline feature in Excel 2013 and later to filter pivot tables based on date ranges.
  • Identify ways Excel dashboards can be used to transform large amounts of data into concise summaries.