We have all been to meetings that have been a complete waste of time and we have all been to meetings that have been engaging and productive.  Meetings can become a huge time drain to your teams when they are not done correctly.  Not only will they waste the time of your employees, but your employees will become trained to dread meetings and not engage when they should.  Take your dull and ineffective meetings and turn them into high impact meetings today.

This webinar will empower you to improve the quality and effectiveness of your meetings - both in-person and virtually. Learn how to effectively facilitate and participate in a meeting to create successful interactions and achieve desired outcomes. You will also learn the critical steps to ensure good and effective meeting management.  Walk away with strategies on how to come to closure on decisions, clearly identify action steps, track notes and ensure participants are engaged.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Understand the common challenges to meetings and how to overcome them.
  • Learn the five questions to ask before planning a meeting.
  • Identify the key aspects to cover when planning an agenda.
  • How to develop rules of engagement for high-impact meetings.
  • Understand the critical roles needed for a successful meeting.
  • Discover how to manage difficult and challenging participants in meetings.

Don't waste another minute in boring and unproductive meetings.  Join K.J. McCorry as she guides you through the steps to making your meetings the must attend events they should be.