As much as we would all love to have a team of Project Managers available to handle every project that comes up, that is typically not the case.  If you are like most companies all of your key employees are handling projects on a daily basis.  There is certainly nothing wrong with this approach, but have you given them the tools and training to efficiently and effectively tackle those projects?  Projects almost always come with budgets, deadlines and STRESS.  Join our Project Management expert and give your team the training needed to help them handle projects with ease.

If projects are new to your team or even if they are not they could likely use some help. The problem is, all of your searches keep returning phrases such as ‘Project Management Training’ or ‘Project Management Certification.’  That sounds great, but you don’t have time for weeks of training. You do not want a career as a project manager and you are not looking to implement a whole new set of processes. You want practical tips that you can use NOW. 

Join Margaret Meloni as she walks you through an overview of project management best practices that will give you the best return on your investment and set your project up for success.  You will understand the Who, What, When, Why and How questions you need to ask before your project begins and why those are so critical.

In just 90 minutes Margaret will provide you with concise and targeted tips to jump-start your project success.

Your Benefits of Attending:

  • Gain tips and techniques that Project Management professionals use.
  • Learn best practices for project management that you can use now.
  • Understand the process for creating estimates (not guesses).
  • Gain risk management strategies that will help you avoid disaster.
  • Understand the critical first steps of a project.

Join Margaret Meloni and she provides you with the perfect balance of not too much project management, but enough so that you have the tools to succeed.  Invest 90 minutes of your time and walk into your next project with confidence and the knowledge of what you need for your project to be a success.