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Best Practices and Tips for Handling Recent Changes to Forms W-8 and W-9

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Those making certain payments to non-employees must regularly deal with Forms W-9, W-8 or 8233, detailing specific information about the payee. Beyond regulating withholding, payers must make sure that the forms are current, complete and accurate. How can you ensure a proper form that will not subject your company to penalties, interest or tax? Join us for this webinar where you and your colleagues will discover:

•    How to accurately acquire information from payees
•    When you need and do not need to collect a Form W-9
•    Work effectively with vendors: Techniques for success
•    When to use each form W-8: Scenarios to consider
•    Discover how the latest changes can affect your business
•    Data points to capture from Forms W-8: Ensure compliance
•    Form W-8 & W-9 red flags: Spot them before it's too late
•    Keys to effectively validate and review your forms

Guest Speaker

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante

Steven Mercatante is the principal and founder of TIR Consulting, LLC. He is a nationally recognized leader in tax reporting education and consulting on specialized compliance issues. He has conducted on-site consultation for corporate clients from across the world and led countless seminars and webinars for Convey Compliance Systems, IAPP, Balance Consulting, The Accounts Payable Network, Accounts Payable Now and Tomorrow, Progressive Business Conferences, The Center For Competitive Management,... View Full Profile