Stop the Revolving Door: How to Finally Fix Employee Turnover Problems

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  • Webinar Length: 60 Minutes
  • Guest Speaker:   Dr. B. Lynn Ware
  • Topic:   Human Resources
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Employee mobility is increasing as time goes on. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the U.S., employees only stay at the same organization an average of four years, and if you are a younger worker, it can be less than two years. It is difficult to sustain business continuity, customer satisfaction, and financial success with high turnover.

As the economy improves, join us to learn the drivers of employee retention so that your critical players become more engaged and can contribute to your company’s success.

The current economic growth presents organizations with a particular challenge for engaging and retaining talented employees. This type of workplace stress can eventually cause even the most loyal workers to become disengaged. 
To compound the risk of losing talent, external opportunities created for candidates in some talent categories causes top talent to think about and act on job changes.
Join us to find out the latest trends in talent retention and what your organization can do to re-engage, re-energize, and retain your top talent during this transitional economic cycle.


  • The root causes of disengagement in the current climate 
  • Which industries and jobs are most vulnerable 
  • How to use your employee engagement survey to solve human capital dilemmas
  • How to leverage your organization's mission and values to build resilience, energy and focus 
  • How to get your organization's leaders to be more effective retention managers 
  • How to use skill and career development as an effective engagement tactic, especially with mobile Gen Y workers

Guest Speaker

  • Dr. B. Lynn Ware

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